My Car Was Just Towed. What Do I Do?

It is always a nasty surprise when you leave work or a shop and discover that your car was towed away. You may have no idea why you were towed. Now you have to figure out how you will get home. And then you must worry about how you will get your car back. These moments can be incredibly frustrating, but are navigable if you follow a few key steps. Here is our guide to what you should do if your car was towed:

  1. Do Not Panic

There is such a tendency to panic when something like this happens. Yes, it is a problem that your car is no longer there. But it is not a disaster either. You can call a friend, taxi or a family member to get yourself home. And then you can figure out what happened to your car.

  1. Call the Police

Whatever you do, make sure that you do not call 911. Even if your car was stolen, 911 is not going to do anything for you. They are present to handle life threatening emergencies. And having your car towed or stolen does not fall into that category.

The best thing that you should do is call the non emergency number for your local police department. If your car was towed because you have some unpaid parking tickets, license or insurance issues, they will know about it.

If the police does know why your car was towed, they will inform you of the issue. And then it is up to you to solve that problem. It usually involves paying a fine, which may be rather large. But as soon as you bring the relevant documents and cash for the fine, you can get your car released.

  1. Check For Parking Regulation Issues

If the police were not involved in your car being towed, then it happened because you parked illegally. Perhaps the spot you parked was handicap or you could only park there if you were going into a specific building.

The best way to approach this matter is to call the number that is listed near your spot. There should be a number, indicating that you can call them if your car was towed. Give them a call and they will tell you where you can go to get your car. You may have to pay a fine, but you should be able to get your car within the day.